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Alli - Orlistat 60mg x84

Alli - Orlistat 60mg x84

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  • Alli is the first pharmacy-only weight loss aid licensed throughout Europe
  • It has been clinically proven to increase weight loss by 50% over that lost through diet and exercise alone. So for every 2 lb you lose, Alli helps you lose a further 1 lb
  • Alli is a capsule which effectively prevents about a quarter of the fat in each meal being absorbed
  • Dietary fat is the most concentrated source of food energy but has more than twice the calories per gram of carbohydrates or protein
  • Alli contains the active ingredient orlistat which reduces the absorption of dietary fat from the intestine
  • It should only be used by those who have a body mass index (BMI) of 28 or over. BMI is calculated by dividing a persons weight (in kg) by height squared (in m).BMI = weight (kg)/height (m²)
  • A healthy BMI is between 18.5 - 24.9kg/m².
  • Online BMI calculator at healthy-choice.co.uk
  • Alli is a pharmacy medicine and we may need to ask some questions to make sure customers satisfy the criteria for safe use of this product
  • If you require any help or assistance with purchasing Alli - Orlistat 60mg - 84 capsules please contact our pharmacist
  • Only adults (18s or over) (should) can take Alli. Use with a lower fat, mildly low-calorie diet and exercise, both of which should be started before treatment
  • Alli pack to help you calculate how much calorie intake can be and, as a result, how much fat you can have per meal


Active Ingredients

Tablet contains

  • 60mg Orlistat


  • Do not take more than 3 capsules a day,best at mealtimes – before, during or up to one hour after each meal
  • Swallow the capsule whole with water. Alli works on the fat in your meals, so if you miss a meal or the meal doesn’t contain fat, don’t take a capsule
  • You should also take a multivitamin every day at bedtime (a time when you are not taking Alli to ensure the vitamins are absorbed) to ensure adequate absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K. Alli should not be taken for more than 6 months


  • Alli may cause diverticulitis, hypersensitivity reactions, skin blistering, hepatitis, cholelithiasis and mild rectal bleeding
  • If you get any of these side effects stop taking the capsules and contact your doctor
  • Alli can cause severe allergic reactions, signs of which are - severe breathing difficulties, rash, itching, swollen face, rapid heartbeats, sweating and collapse. If any these effects occur, stop taking Alli and get immediate medical help
  • Should not be used by those who are taking anticoagulants (blood thinning medicines), ciclosporin, have chronic malabsorption syndrome, cholestasis (flow of bile blocked from liver) or other oral anticoagulants. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Alli should not be taken by those who may be allergic to any of the ingredients (in Alli)
  • Speak to a GP or pharmacist if youre taking amiodarone or medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes as patients may find the control of these conditions improves, requiring alteration of therapy
  • Risk of gastrointestinal symptoms increases with fat consumption. See GP if rectal bleeding occurs
  • Oral contraceptive efficacy may be reduced if diarrhoea is severe - use additional contraception

Side effects

Allis most common side effects include

  • Wind (flatulence), with or without oily spotting
  • Sudden bowel motions
  • Fatty or oily stools
  • Soft stools
  • Other common effects include anxiety, abdominal pain, liquid caecal incontinence and increased defaecation. Speak to your doctor/pharmacist if these side effects become troublesome


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