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Dr Fox

Online Doctor's Prescriptions

Vantage pharmacy can now offer online doctors consultations and prescription medicines delivered direct for a range of treatments for common conditions. The service is fully regulated in the UK, confidential, secure and discreet.

Treatments available by private prescription

> Dr Fox Homepage Online Doctor Prescription      > Irritable Bowel Syndrome  IBS
> All Conditions/Medications Online Doctor Prescription > Anti-Malaria Tablets  Anti-Malaria Tablets Consultation
> Traveller's Diarrhoea  Traveller's Diarrhoea Consultation > Travel Sickness  Travel Sickness Consultation
> Jet Lag  Jet Lag Consultation > Altitude Sickness  Altitude Sickness Consultation
> Erectile Dysfunction  Erectile Dysfunction Consultation > Migraine  Migraine Consultation
> Hair Loss  Hair Loss Consultation > Chlamydia  Chlamydia Consultation
> Stop Smoking  Stop Smoking Consultation > Hay Fever  Hay Fever Consultation
> Thrush  Thrush Consultation > Contraception  Contraception Consultation
> Eczema and Dry Skin  Eczema and Dry Skin Consultation > Cystitis  Cystitis Consultation
> Omega-3 Fish Oil  Omega-3 Fish Oil Consultation > Flu Anti-virals  Flu Anti-virals Consultation
> Cold Sores  Cold Sores Consultation > DNA Testing  DNA Testing Consultation



Online Doctors Prescription Process


Online consultations and prescriptions provided by the Dr Fox service- fully regulated in the UK by the GMC and the Care Quality Commission.

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