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Assure DNA Paternity Test

Assure DNA Paternity Test

Price: £29.99

In stock


  • Assure DNA is the UK’s first off the shelf paternity testing kit
  • The kit has been developed and is operated by Angila DNA Services Ltd – the UK’s leading DNA testing laboratory
  • The assure dna test is easy to use, safe and with the accuracy of results typically in excess of 99.99%, you can be sure of peace of mind from one of the most trusted names in DNA testing
  • Simple, pain free coloured mouth swab for each participant and confidential results supplied by an accredited UK testing laboratory

Each Assure DNA pack consists of

  • 3 colour coded sets of two cheek swabs (pink- mother, blue- father and yellow – child)
  • 3 colour coded sample collection envelopes
  • Full easy to follow instructions
  • Instructional DVD containing essential information
  • Consent form
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Postage-paid envelope

Benefits of Assure DNA test

  • Provides peace of mind so you can put any paternity doubts to rest and get on with your life
  • Is simple and easy to use. Coloured mouth swab for each participant
  • Pain Free
  • Provides results in excess of 99.99% - giving trustworthiness to product
  • Confidential results supplied by an accredited UK Laboratory
  • Results back in 5 working days with a 24 & 48 hour express service available
  • Dedicated consumer helpline providing guidance and support
  • Includes an instructional DVD – giving value and credibility to the product
  • Is not about ‘stealth testing’, it is an ethical product – you will not get an authorised result without signed consent from all parties

How does it work?

Four simple stages

  • Collect samples from mother, child and father using mouth swabs
  • Place swabs into separate envelopes provided
  • Complete consent form and make payment
  • Mail to assuredna in prepaid envelope

In more detail

  • Begin with the mother
  • Fill in all details to the front of the mother's pink sample collection envelope
  • Be careful not to touch the inside of the envelope
  • Carefully open mother's swab packet by peeling back the flap and remove one pink swab
  • Be careful not to touch the head of the swab
  • Holding the stick end of the pink swab, gently but firmly, rub the head of the swab inside the mouth on the inner cheek (on both sides of the mouth) for about 30 seconds
  • Gently shake the swab in the air for a few seconds to dry
  • Be careful not to put the swab down or touch the head of the swab
  • Place the used pink swab into the mother's pink sample collection envelope
  • Remove the second pink swab from the packet and repeat steps 3-4 and seal the mother's pink sample collection envelope
  • Next, complete steps 1-5 for the child using the child's yellow swabs and yellow sample collection envelope
  • Complete, the sampling by repeating steps 1-5 for the father, this time using the father's blue swabs
  • Finish by - enclosing appropriate I.D. for each person taking part, completing the consent form, and make your payment
  • You will need to supply a copy of identification for each person taking part in the test
  • Please ensure you complete the consent form in full ensuring that you sign where required

Please note

  • There is a 2 step pricing structure
  • Consumer initially pays £29.99 for the Assure DNA Paternity Test collection Kit purchased from Vantage Pharmacy
  • There is an additional lab processing fee payable of £129 

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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