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Understanding the Menopause & HRT

Understanding the Menopause & HRT

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The word ‘menopause' strictly means a woman's last menstrual period, which typically occurs around the age of 51 and defines the end of the fertile phase of a woman's life. The ‘change of life' or ‘climactic' is the time when your body is adjusting before, during and after the menopause. There are hormonal changes and symptoms in the years leading up to and beyond your final menstrual period. It has been estimated that, by the age of 54 years, most women (80 %) have had their last menstrual period- thery are then termed postmenopausal.


  • The menopause: what happens to your body?
  • Helping yourself feel better
  • Replacing the hormones (HRT)
  • The benefits of HRT
  • The risks of HRT
  • Different types of HRT
  • How to take HRT
  • HRT: when to start and when to stop
  • Side effects of HRT
  • HRT: who can and who can't take it
  • Controlling around the menopause
  • HRT: conclusions
  • Questions and answers
  • Glossary
  • Useful addresses
  • Index
  • Your pages

About the author

Dr Anne MacGregor works in reproductive medicine and sexual health at St Bartholomew's Hospital and is an instructing doctor for the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Medicine. She is also Director of Clinical Research at the City of London Migraine Clinic.

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